Wednesday, March 31, 2004

The Passion

Thought I shared this with you. Enjoy.

The Passion
He chose to love us
While we were yet his enemies
He took our flesh, our sinful nature (and yet sinned not)
And sought to understand us
Before he sought to for us understand Him
He took upon himself our suffering
He died for us…eternally
So we could live…eternally
He paid the price we owed
He took for us what we deserved…
To die hanging from a tree and be accursed forever
And yet we thanked Him not
We despised him and rejected him
With beat Him with a whip
We gave to Him our scorn
We mocked Him
We spat on Him
A crown of thorns we placed on His brow
We nailed Him to the cross
So while hanging from it He would die
We choose to remain the enemies
Of Him who chooses to die for us
Of Him who chooses to love us
Of Him who offers to pardon us
So we can live eternally with Him

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