Friday, October 13, 2006

Creationism in the DL

Creationism in the DL


Susan Smith's health had been in decline for the last few months.  She could not explain herself why, since she took care of herself.   She ate and drank well, she worked out, and she rested plenty.  She especially was concerned about some lesions in her mouth.   She went to a doctor.  The triage nurse looked at her, and said to her as she walked out of the room, "I am going for the Doctor I'll be right back."   The Doctor checked her mouth and throat.  He asked her, "By any chance have you been tested for HIV."   She said, "No.   Why?"  Those Lesions look like KS or Kaposi's sarcoma.  And you have candidiasis in your throat.  Those are common symptoms of AIDS.  Let's get you tested to make sure.  And, I will admit you in the Hospital as soon as possible.   I need you to call someone you trust and that can be supportive.  We will not know for at least three days."  Those three days were like hell to Susan.  


The Doctor asked her husband and any other important people to meet him in her room.    Only Susan's husband was there.   He walked in the room with a woman – a social worker.  He had bad news.  They all started to cry frantically.   "How could this be?" she asked.  "I have not had any transfusions or have been injected with anything," she added.    The woman then asked Susan, "I am very sorry I have to ask you this, Ms Smith, especially in this terrible time.  Have you had any sexual partners other than your husband?"   The Smith's were appalled.  But, the Doctor reassured her that an honest answer was necessary.  "No!" she answered.   At that point the woman asked Susan's husband, "Mr. Smith have you been tested for HIV?"  Mr. Smith was speechless.   He finally asked. "I beg your pardon?"  "Mr. Smith," said the Doctor, "I now it sounds like we are accusing you, but you will understand the severity of this circumstance."   Mr. Smith again was speechless.  However, there was something about his attitude that looked familiar to the Social Worker.  She suspected he was hiding something.   "Mr. Smith, would you rather talk to me in private."  Mr. Smith looked at his wife, told her he was sorry and started to cry.   The social worker turned around to close the room's door.  His wife looked puzzled and asked him, "What's wrong, dear?  What are you sorry about?"   Through his crying he answered, "I've been in the DL."  Susan looked down and started to cry herself.  All she could say was "Why?"  The Doctor asked the Social Worker what is the DL.  The coworker explained to him about a book written a few years ago about men engaging in illicit sexual affairs with other men, while claiming to be happily married.   DL stood for Down-Low – the term that was used to describe these men's behaviors.  While claiming to love their counterparts, they had a preference for their own kind.


There are many who claim to like others but in the end prefer their same kind.  I believe this DL concept can be extended into other areas of life.   For example, People that call themselves Liberals, in social political terms, tend to talk about inclusiveness and decry any practice of exclusivity.   When it comes to racism, they will be the first to condemn, however very rarely, do they actually socialize with others that are not of there race.  In other words, they live in a social political DL, claiming to like all people but preferring and choosing to engage with their own kind.


I see this principle apply also to some of those involved in the creation-evolution debate.  When it comes to the creation-evolution debate, there seems to be three groups.   First, is the creationist group who believe that the account of Genesis chapters 1 and 2 is literal.  Second, is the evolutionist group who believe that believe that the account of evolution is impossible.   The evolutionist group believes that the only way Creation can be true is if things could appear immediately out of nowhere "Hebrews 11:3"; they, evolutionists, do not believe.   Creationists believe the Word of God to be the authority, evolutionist believe Science is the authority. 


The third group would be the Theistic evolution group.  This group believes that the account of Genesis is real to an extent.   They claim to love God and that His Word is true, but they believe Science can explain further what the Bible says.   So they want to please God and man, too.   Theistic evolutionists seem to be pleased with the Bible account, but there is something about the scientific explanation that pleases them more.  So they are quite content of staying in their Scientific-Theological DL.  Perhaps this is a reflection on their Laodicean Spiritual condition (Revelation 3:14-22).


As the author of the Lesson points out, "It is pretty obvious that modern evolutionary theory stands in blatant opposition to the biblical account of Creation. If one is correct, the other has to be wrong. Even more so, the Bible offers no wiggle room for theistic evolution or any theories that seek to integrate a long evolutionary process with the work of God in creating life on earth, especially human life … in the creation of the world, particularly humans, it doesn't appear that God left anything to chance."   But, arguing and debating will not solve the problem of neither DL cases.  Remember the saying, "he who is convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still."   It is only the love of God – Agape - that can turn any of us around. 


How can you start loving them?  Pray for them.  They can refute all your clever arguments about geology or biology, but not your prayers.   Next, pray that God will use you to touch them with Agape.  Listen to the Spirit, follow His lead, speak His Words, and act as He leads you.   A word or act of kindness can be more powerful than any argument or sermon preached.  What they need is "Christ and Christ crucified."  But hey may not be ready to hear about Him, until they see Him as a reality in you. 

Raul Diaz