Friday, October 27, 2006




How many words are in the English Language?  It is hard to say for certain.   The English language is constantly borrowing words from other languages and creating new ones as Technology and Science advances.  If the amount of entries in a Dictionaries is a good measure, the total number of words may vary from 500,000 words to a million.   However, it is estimated that the average college graduate knows no more than 25,000 words.  In other words, those without college education are very likely to know less than that amount.   This means that we could estimate that the average person knows less than 5% of the words in the English language. 


Somehow after the excitement of learning how to speak, we stop learning new words.  And, when we try to learn knew words it is very hard to do so.   But, perhaps we have forgotten how we use to do it when we are mere infants, absorbing everything around us.   When a child learns a word, he constantly repeats it and finds different ways to use the word until (s)he makes it his or her own.   Perhaps we should follow how their example.  Let us start today.  Today's word is abased.   The definition of abase is to lower physically, in rank, office, prestige, or esteem.  As babies do, we will use this word in several sentences to learn it and make it ours.   Let's see how we can apply this word to this week's lesson.


  1. The Devil abased himself and the angels that followed him so much they had to be thrown out of Heaven (Revelation 12:9).
  2. When Adam fell he abased the whole human race with him (Romans 5:17 - 19).
  3. Cain's attitude of self-righteousness led him to abase himself so much he killed his own brother (Genesis 4: 8).  
  4. Soon, Cain's descendants would abase themselves into immoral behavior, such as polygamy, murder, etc (Genesis 4: 17-24).
  5. The whole pre-Flood world would abase itself into so much immorality God had to destroy them with a flood (Genesis 6: 1 – 8).
  6. The Bible tells the story of how humanity has rejected God, and in so doing they have abased themselves so low, they killed the Son of God.
  7. But, God gave us hope, by sending His Son (John 3:16).  Christ abased Himself in becoming Sin for us (Romans 8:3), so the world could be saved from eternal death. 
  8. Because of this, we have no excuse for abasing ourselves unto eternal death.   If we by Faith choose Christ as our personal Savior, we will be uplifted into His Righteousness ( 2 Corinthians 5:21).  
  9. Those who reject the gift of Salvation will continue to abase themselves; only eternal death will be their reward (Romans 6:23; Revelation 14: 9 -11).  

Will you let Him uplift you from your abasement? 

Raul Diaz